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Please call us on 01384 563098 or email [email protected] – one of us will help you.

Before you can start filing by internet, you must register with HMRC for Online Services. They will give you a password and login details. Once you have received these, please use the reference number they give you as the FBI Username and the password as the FBI Password. You can enter the credentials in 'Menu' then select 'Agent Details'.

When you are ready to submit your tax return online, select 'FBI Submissions' and then choose 'Submit Test in Live FBI'.

The software will then collate all the data for the selected client and convert it into XML format. This is then transmitted directly to the secure testing service at HMRC. The XML file is then checked for accuracy and completeness.

A successful response will be given which will then enable you to select 'Submit Live FBI' - the same XML file is then sent directly to HMRC's live online filing service.

Where your submission includes errors or inaccuracies, a failed response will be given, along with a list of errors which must be corrected. Please correct all errors before retrying the test submission. Please call us on 01384 563098 if you require any assistance.

In the event that you initial test submission is successful, and then further changes are made to the tax return. You must re-test the submission as any amendments will generate a different IR Mark and a new XML file will be created.

HMRC do not endorse any Third Party software provider. However, in order to maintain the highest quality you would expect, our Filing by Internet (FBI) facility has been approved by HM Revenue and Customs for both completeness and accuracy, and this is why you will see our details listed on the HMRC website.
You can purchase additional licenses quickly and easily on this website. Please log in, which will automatically direct you to ‘Your Dashboard’, and click ‘Buy additional licenses’. Just enter the amount of licenses that you require, and make your payment through the secure payment system. If you need any help, please just call us on 01384 563098 or email us at [email protected]
It’s nice and simple. As the software is online, you will not need to physically update anything. We’ll notify you when updates happen via ‘Your Dashboard’.
In the opening screen, select 'Menu', then under 'Clients' select 'Agent Details', then check the 'FBI Username' and 'FBI Password' details have been completed. To check you have the correct details, please test them by logging into the HMRC website.

Yes. Our helpline can be called on 01384 563098 for sales on weekdays from 9am to 5.30pm.

You can also email us, if you prefer: