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Latest Updates

Latest Updates

P11D Manager 2023 Updates

We constantly listen to and value user feedback, we also review our support logs and update our software annually.

This is not only to implement the annual changes set by HMRC, but always with the goal of improving the general functionality and efficiency of our software to provide a product that meets the requirements of all our clients.

These updates have now been developed, rigorously tested, approved by our team and are pleased to announce they have now been published and ready for you to login and use.

Along with some new features which we would like to highlight for 2022-23 tax year, these include:  
  • Expanded pre-submission check showing the exact number of P11Ds and total Class 1A liability being submitted
  • Nil P11D(b) submission acknowledgement so these employers can be submitted with more visible acknowledgement
  • Export any employee’s P11Ds who have no email address within the software, in order to be printed / sent manually
  • Greater automation when creating P46 Car forms in order to reduce errors given on submissions for dates not completed
  • Highlighted "required fields” when not completed, to aid users to understand errors for unsuccessful submissions to HMRC
  • A test Government Gateway credentials ability to the Edit Employer – FBI Details tab
  • Microsoft Single Sign On is coming to P11D Manager. Currently available on request, please contact our Support Team for more details


P11D Deadline Dates for 2023/24

06-Jul-24 2023/2024 P11D Filing deadline is 6th July 2024
19-Jul-24 2023/2024 Class 1A National Insurance Payment deadline is 19th July if paying by cheque
22-Jul-24 2023/2024 Class 1A National Insurance Payment deadline is 22nd July 2024 if paying online

P11D Manager

At Taxshield we are continually trying to work on ways to improve our software and user experience. Along with the usual updates required to stay in line with HMRC we are continually developing interesting changes to help you, our users, produce P11Ds in the quickest and most efficient way possible. 

Some of these changes are small and subtle background changes, others you will see loud and clear! 

Below is a brief description on the most recent changes:
  • Hints and Tips boxes – you will see these appear throughout P11D Manager to provide greater description and guidance
  • User Guides – to improve our Help section you will now see a series of user guide pdf’s available
  • Validation before submission – this will be done before submission to HMRC and so reducing failed submissions 
  • Email reporting – added into the report a new status that will show when emails have been sent from our server

All updates are tested thoroughly to ensure they do not affect the core functionality to produce and submit P11D forms to HMRC. As always we welcome any new ideas and please do not hesitate to get in touch [email protected]