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P11D Manager


Please check the following:
  • Has a valid email address been set up for the employee?

These are usually connected to an invalid entry for the FBI User ID and password or the employer details. It is important that the details entered are exactly as supplied - as even case sensitivity and spacings can result in errors. The FBI username and password, in most cases, will be the same as those used for your payroll RTI and FPS submissions.

You will need to check that you do not have any employees on your list that are not required. This includes all employees in all employers that have been set up in the program.

When you have reached your registration limit, then you may need to increase your licences.

Please remove any employees that are no longer required, as they will be using up your licences.

From the dashboard, select 'Buy additional licences' and follow the onscreen prompts to purchase the additional licences required. Alternatively, please contact us on 01384 563098 and we can process the upgrade for you.

Please ensure that you have completed the Employer Details screen with your FBI username and password. In most cases this will be the same as those used for your payroll RTI and FPS submissions. Agents and payroll bureaus will often have their own username and password.

When you are ready to submit your P11D forms online, select 'Reports' and then choose 'File by Internet and Email'. Here you will have the following 3 options:

1. P11D (b), P11D and P9D
2. P46 car forms
3. Email

Selecting option 1 and following the screens will submit your end of year forms directly to HMRC.

Selecting option 2 and following the screens will submit your P46 car form changes directly to HMRC.

Selecting option 3 and following the screens will send P11D forms to your employees.

A log of all online submissions to HMRC is maintained within the software and details of each submission can be viewed and printed. Select the 'View FBI Status' page at any time to view your submissions.

The base cost is an annual fee that covers both IT and tax-technical support for P11D Manager, all relevant software updates for that year, and any changes authorised by HMRC.

From the dashboard, select 'Buy additional licences' and follow the on-screen prompts to purchase the additional licences required. Payment is made using our online secure portal and your account will be upgraded automatically.

Alternatively, call us on 01384 563098. Increasing the number of licences you have is a quick and simple process, which can be done over the phone.

Any P11D Manager software updates throughout the year will be done for you automatically to ensure the software is always up to date.

If the worksheet requires you to answer whether a contractor is an employer or employee, then this relates back to the contract made for the expenses incurred. For example, if the company contracts for private health cover for employees via a private health scheme, then the contractor is the employer. But if the employee has personal private health cover which they have arranged for themselves, then the contractor is the employee.

Where the employee is the contractor, Class 1 NIC is due and the appropriate deductions should be made through your payroll. This will appear in Section B of the P11D form. Where the employer is the contractor, Class 1A NIC is due. This will appear in Section M of the P11D

A Section 336 claim is a claim against expenses which are wholly and exclusively necessary for the performance of your duties as an employee. If you are not sure which expenses can be claimed, please refer to the HM Revenue & Customs Booklet 480 for further guidance.

If your expenses do qualify, please show the relevant entries in the required section. A form can then be produced, which needs to be signed by the relevant employee and submitted to HM Revenue & Customs.

Please note that the Section 336 claim forms do not form part of the Filing by Internet (FBI) process. All claims must be sent to HMRC by post or entered on your Self Assessment tax return.

If the car is available for the whole tax year, but is withdrawn on the 5th April, you must enter "No” to the question 'car available for whole tax year?' and then enter 5th April for the date the car was withdrawn.
Under the car fuel screen, a date must be entered into the "withdrawal of car fuel” box.

The new car must be added to the database before a P46 Car Form can be generated. Only one P46 Car is required on changeover. Once all the details of the new car have been entered, select the P46 Car tab within the new car worksheet. Follow the on-screen instructions.

P11D Manager also includes an automated P46 car form function, however all cars must be entered in order for this facility to work properly.

The P11D Manager Admin Module is a free add on including any budget updates and usually available from April.

The software will allow you to continue inputting information for the current tax year, however both print and FBI facilities will be restricted until the next full version is released.

The Admin Module allows continued processing therefore avoiding a backlog of data to be entered at the end of the tax year.